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We derive a simple analytic model consisting of an agent representing a cell that exhibits anabolic or catabolic activity, and which interacts with its tissue substrate according to tissue stiffness. When perturbed, this system returns toward a stable fixed point, a process corresponding to self-healing.
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Abstract: Coevolution of two species is typically thought to favour the evolution of faster evolutionary rates helping a species keep ahead in the Red Queen race, where `it takes all the running you can do to stay where you are'. In contrast, if species are in a mutualistic relationship, it was proposed that the...
Reproduction for a female fig wasp can be a nightmarish process. When she is ready to lay her eggs, she leaves the fig in which she was born and became pregnant and searches for another. After she finds it, she enters it by squeezing through a narrow opening built for that exact purpose...Plotinus (A.D. 204–70), Greco-Roman Neoplatonist philosopher. Born in Egypt, though doubtless of Greek ancestry, he studied Platonic philosophy in Alexandria with monius Saccas (232–43); then, after a brief adventure on the staff of the Emperor Gordian III on an unsuccessful expedition against the Persians, he ce to Rome in 244 and continued teaching philosophy there until his death.
May 24, 2013 · Rather, true community is when we gather the sticks around us, our stick-selves included, and build a home of mutualism and sodality, a place where we can all hold up one another and be held up, support each other and be supported; and I know you know this type of communion, as you speak of it so fondly in reference to your time in Johannesburg. Aug 06, 2020 · Well-crafted places, beloved by users, ever-growing and evolving. Curb Cut Tree Islands 2 of 6 Bushmen Slimline Cisterns This project would not be possible without the essential contributions of Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann (whom all photo credits belong to), Jeremy Lynch, Barnabas Kane, Joel Glanzberg, and Brad Lancaster.
In modern applications, mutualism tends to be tied more toward market socialism. Mutualism itself is actually an ethical philosophy, not an economic or political one; it just so happens that the ethics do lean more heavily in favor of certain political and economic concepts. Of course, India must continue to develop a vibrant technology-based economy as well. Inevitably, this will end up employing only a small proportion of our people. But this modern economy must come to assume a mutualistic, and not predatory, role towards the natural resource-based, labour intensive...
94) Khi Nao Chim Sat Bay, Ayya Khema, Viet dch Dieu Lien Ly Thu Linh, 2004. 95) Kim Cang Giang Giai, Hoa Thng Thch Thanh T, 1992. 96) Kinh Nghiem Thien Quan, Joseph Goldstein, dch gia Nguyen Duy Nhien, NXB a Nang, 2007. 97) Kinh Phap Bao an, Dng Thanh Khai, Vinhlong, VN, 2007. users towards key words of particular relevance to particular TSI aspects. The key words have been selected to cover the main topics of TSI theory and the set of 12 propositions, as will become apparent through the subsequent chapters on meta-analysis results. Figure 3.3 CTP database key word search Mutualism definition is - the doctrine or practice of mutual dependence as the condition of individual and social welfare.
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